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Information we collect from users of the site will be stored by us on computers in the UK and may be used in the following ways.

Contact details

We will use your contact details (your name, job title, telephone and fax number and your e-mail and postal addresses) to provide any services requested by you and also to tell you about important changes to the site and its functionality.

To alter your details or that of an organisation:
If your contact details change, or those of the organisation that you represent, you can request that the details we hold are altered by sending an e-mail notification to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We make use of cookies to gather valuable information about how users move around the site. This enables us to understand how the site is used and to make improvements. The information we gather by use of cookies does not include personally identifiable information.

You have the right to be told what personal information we hold about you on our databases. You should write to us at Devizes Town Council stating your full name and your address. A small administrative charge may be made for fulfilling this request.

Under EU law we are required to inform you about cookies we may have transferred to your computer. A Cookie is a text file that a website places onto your computer and which stores information specfic to your visit. Cookies are used to make the site easier to use, and if you choose to refuse Cookies it may affect the functionality of the website.

Any information collected is anonymous and generalised except where you provide your details via a form.

Personal information you provide to us will not be passed to any third party except where we are required to by law (e.g. in the case of a request from law enforcement agencies).

Any e-mail addresses/names left in comments or mentioned in e-mails sent to us via the website will be kept private and not shared with third-parties without your permission except where we are required to pass them to a third-party by law (e.g. in the case of a request from law enforcement agencies).

Your privacy is respected at all times

When someone visits this website we collect details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the website. We collect this information in a way that does not identify anyone and we do not make any attempt to find out your identity.

If we want to collect personally identifiable information we will inform you about it and make it clear what use will be made of it.

How does this website use Cookies?

Visitor Behaviour - So that we can measure the popularity of pages, where people come from and other general statistics, we also use Google Analytics to track new and repeat visitors but this software does not have any information about who you are.

Please see the Google Analytics Privacy Policy if you want to know more.

Functionality - We may use some functionality based cookies to help the site work properly. Declining cookies these might change the way our website looks and/or behaves. These cookies are NOT used for targeted advertising.

Video - If we embed video to this website cookies may be placed on your computer by the respective video streaming websites - find out more from the respective privacy policies: YouTube Privacy Policy & Vimeo Privacy Policy

Cookies on Other Websites

Some pages on our site may link to other external website (e.g. to point you to extra information about an event, or some relevant news or educational resource) - we are not responsible for the content of, or policies or any external site which we link to. This website has links to external sites which will have their own cookie and privacy policies. We are not responsible for the content of, or policies or any external site which we link to.

There may be websites external to this website that we link to from our menus and pages- we advise that you read their policies to determine how they use your information and what cookies they store.

How can I manage Cookies on my own computer?

Accept Cookies – when you use our website you are agreeing to us placing cookies on your computer.

Your Browser (Internet Explorer or IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.) has a menu option which will allow you to control and remove Cookies that have been stored on your computer. Sometimes this is in the same place where you view your History. Use your Browser's Help facility if you are unsure where you can go to delete cookies. has more detailed information about how to remove cookies from your computer (this is an external site - if you click this link, don't forget to read their privacy/cookie policy).

Here is a list of the cookies which may have been placed by our website:

Google Analytics sets the following cookies as described in the table below. A default configuration and use of Google Analytics sets only the first 4 cookies in the table but you may find others in some instances.





This cookie is typically written to the browser upon the first visit to our site from that web browser. If the cookie has been deleted by the browser operator, and the browser subsequently visits your site, a new __utma cookie is written with a different unique ID. This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our site and it is updated with each page view. Additionally, this cookie is provided with a unique ID that Google Analytics uses to ensure both the validity and accessibility of the cookie as an extra security measure.

2 years from set/update.


This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session with our site. When a user views a page on our site, the Google Analytics code attempts to update this cookie. If it does not find the cookie, a new one is written and a new session is established. Each time a user visits a different page on our site, this cookie is updated to expire in 30 minutes, thus continuing a single session for as long as user activity continues within 30-minute intervals. This cookie expires when a user pauses on a page on our site for longer than 30 minutes.

30 minutes from set/update.


Historically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether or not to establish a new session for the user.

Not set.


This cookie stores the type of referral used by the visitor to reach our site, whether via a direct method, a referring link, a website search, or a campaign such as an ad or an email link. It is used to calculate search engine traffic, ad campaigns and page navigation within our own site. The cookie is updated with each page view to our site.

6 months from set/update.


This cookie is used by Website Optimizer and only set when the Website Optimizer tracking code is installed and correctly configured for our pages (so may not be set on your machine by our website). If used, this cookie helps the visitor has a consistent experience on our site.  

2 years from set/update.

Cookies & Privacy

Cookies used on this site do not contain any information that, alone, would allow us to identify you.


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Interruptions and Omissions in Service

Whilst Devizes Town Council will try to ensure that the standard of this website remains high and to maintain the continuity of it, the Internet is not an inherently stable medium, and errors, omissions, interruptions of service and delays may occur at any time that are outside the control of Devizes Town Council.

Devizes Town Council does not accept any liability arising from any such errors, omissions, interruptions or delays or any ongoing obligation or responsibility to operate this website (or any particular part of it) or to provide the service offered on this website. We may vary the specification of this site from time to time without notice.

Use of our Web Site

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